Training Center

From a company spin-off, is born the Elitaliana Training Academy, which is certified with ENAC certification, equipped with aircraft for aerosolastic activity, advanced and maintenance aerospace, which is aimed at the training of navigational personnel. Aware of the need to maintain a high flight safety standard for flight crews, ETA has also acquired an ENTROL H11 FNPT - II MCC EC-135 OFFER training device that recreates scenarios, weather conditions and operating theaters most disparate.

The organization can operate for the following courses:

  • Private pilot license - PPL (H)
  • Commercial pilot license - CPL(H)
  • Airline pilot license - ATPL (H)
  • Instrumental helicopter training course - IR
  • Helicopter instructor training course - FI
  • Courses CRM (Crew Resource Management)
  • MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation)
  • Simulator FNPT II
  • Type Rating Single and Multi Engine
  • Seminar for FI/TRI
  • Type Rating Instructor Course
  • Mountain Aerial Work
  • Off-Shore
  • Test English Aviation