Elitaliana is the oldest Italian Helicopter Company currently active. Founded in 1964, its history has gained extensive experience in all the areas that see the helicopter's protagonist.

The most representative activities are transport of materials and goods, aircraft, aeronautics, offshore helicopter transport, civil aviation operations and police bodies, aerial shooting, environmental monitoring, forest fire fighting, and all the forms of employment of helicopters in Air Medical Emergency Services, such as SAR (Search and Rescue), H.E.M.S. (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) Secondary Transport of Assisted Patients, Transport of Organs and Transfer of Medical Equipments involved in organ trapping and transplanting activities.

Elitaliana has done its aircraft operator activity in all regions of Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, always using qualified personnel and high performance helicopters that have allowed flight operations in hostile territories ( Sea, mountain, urban centers, terrestrial communication routes ..), 24H. In addition, the name of the company has always been reliability and safety of flight with special attention to the care of Aeronautical Maintenance.

Elitaliana is currently operating with two H.E.M.S./S.A.R. Bases. In Calabria, in Lamezia Terme (H24) and in Cosenza (H12), and in the H.E.M.S./S.A.R. of Lazio with the base of Rome-Fonte di Papa (H24), Latina (H24) and Viterbo (H24). Elitaliana also carries out the air surveillance service of SNAM Rete Gas metanodots in Calabria and Sicily.