Institutional Collaboration

"Rome radar good evening from Pegasus 21.Ready to take off.
Destination Ventotene Island for healthcare that we estimate in 20 prime ... "

This is the initial registration of one of the hundreds of medical service missions 118 that depart every day and every night from the Rome base.

Since 8 June 2010 the headquarters of the company are in Rome, where it also has a heliport called Fonte di Papa Aerodrome.

It operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Originally created by Elitaliana S.r.l., the Aerodrome, as well as being the headquarters of the company and the headquarters of the pilot school, is also a polytechnic university training center.

In the base of Rome are one of the three aircraft (in addition to the base in Latina and Viterbo) employed in the helicopter emergency medical service in Lazio by the Regional Emergency Health Care Agency ARES 118 and the health care staff, all medical anesthetists resuscitating and nursing professionals of ARES 118.

The ambulance, ready for take-off in less than five minutes 24H, is equipped with all the necessary medical and technical equipment to be able to undertake emergency- health interventions in Lazio, allowing rapid medicalization of the patient critical and immediate transportation to hospital centers equipped for the treatment of the specific pathology.

The helicopter allows transporting a highly specialized medical team to places where grounded medical means would take longer or could not arrive, and bring the patient to the most appropriate hospital to create the least discomfort.

Elitaliana S.r.l. in collaboration with ARES 118, with the Army Aviation Command and with the "La Sapienza" University of Rome has enrolled training courses for health personnel working in the emergency area, while with ENAC and the engineering department Mechanical and Aerospace, from the same University, has activated a master in Civil Aviation Management. With this aim of continuous training and information Elitaliana S.r.l. promotes access to base 118 of students from schools located in Rome to foster knowledge the local health care system.