Base di Roma - Fonte di Papa

Elitaliana base in Rome, called Fonte di Papa. The area of 3.5 hectares overlooks Salaria consular with double carriage entrance and is completely fenced. It consists of four buildings for a total 1,500 sqm. The area surrounding the buildings has allowed the creation of a H24 operating surface of the mt size. 26.5 x mt. 26.5 plus a convenient maneuvering area and a helicopter stop of approximately 8,000 sq. M. At Fonte di Papa is also the base of ARES 118 in Rome,with operations H24. With a connecting link, it is possible to move the aircraft to the maintenance area, with a hangar of approximately 1,000 square meters. The base, is connected to the city center with the ordinary Via Salaria; Is about 5 Km from G.R.A. and can be reached by Cotral line to the stop located right at the base entrance. The railway station Settebagni and Monterotondo scalo allowing you to reach the other metropolitan stations in just a few minutes, as well as being able to reach Fiumicino Airport directly.

Base Fonte di Papa N 42° 02'50'' E 12° 34'07''